They said there'll always be a place for me at the DQ

Kyle got booted last night, and I've gotta say, I didn't see it coming.
She now joins the ranks of one
Libby Mae Brown.

Them's some fine lookin' women working at the DQ--I think its a requirement of the job (I worked at the DQ in high school).
And some more news:
A run down of Arrested Development's November sweeps storylines from The Futon Critic.
A good article on Stella McCartney in the NYT (reg. req'd).
And, perhaps the best news of the day, my homegirl Marti Noxon is foraying into writing for the big screen ('bout time!) for Sam Raimi's next project. I wish it could be about Buffy and Ash killing demons. [Article.]
Oooh! And more Buffy news--Marti has revealed to Sci-Fi Wire that there may be straight to DVD movies for the Buffy-verse which would explain why James Marsters has been talking about a Spike movie. FYI James will play the role of Brainiac on Smallville.

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