Roll on over

I am exhausted. Is it because I woke up at 5:30 and went to the gym like a good little boy? No. I blame Matthew for my fatigue. I kept trying to leave his house last night, but I kept getting sucked back in--rather, rolled back over--to Katamari Damacy. Matt got a PS2 the other day and while it has been fun finally getting to see the gameplay in highly touted games like God of War, Katamari has lodged itself in my head like Tetris. Tennille has had the game for a long time and has frequently told me how great it is (she may dress this Halloween as Katamari). Of course I believed her, I already knew it was a great success in Japan. I just never thought it would be so mesmerizing. I could explain the game to you, but I don't know how much sense it would make. Basically, you control a ball and you roll around and pick things up. The more things you pick up, the bigger you get and, as a result, the more things you can pick up. The object is to get your ball to a required diameter for each level. This is a game that would occupy Janice's every waking moment until it was beaten.
Now for completely unrelated stuff.
Holy shit, you guys! Did you see the pics of Tom "Man of My Dreams" Ford?
Ok. Here ya go, from


Anonymous said...

and its hard to believe but the the sequel is even better. I only wish I had thought it all up.

Anonymous said...

You should do some research and see if the girl from Pizzicato Five sings on the songs on the sequel! It sounds just like her.