Model update

Can't wait to find out which ugly girl gets sent home crying tonight!!
For the best ANTM recaps (and a rolling crying count), check out
FourFour. Rich is the nicest (seeming) guy with attitude to smoke, burn, and scatter to the four winds--and he has the prettiest cat.
Anyway, via
The Futon Critic, I got this info.

UPN kicks off a month of special guests and major events for the November sweep beginning with TOP MODEL WEEK as the girls from the past four cycles guest star on UPN's comedies and dramas throughout the week of Nov. 7, including Norelle, Mercedes, Toccara, Keenyah, Brittany, as well as fan favorites Jay Manuel and J.Alexander, aka Mr. Jay and Miss J., while former participant Michelle, a wrestler, will appear on FRIDAY NIGHT

I know you're excited. Don't even front.

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