A feast stuck in my craw

I've been waiting over four years for the release of the new
George R. R. Martin book--and a few months back, he promised it by July 26th. I should have called bullshit when I heard it, because I knew it was too good to be true. The release date has been postponed until November 8. I will, for the fourth consecutive year, read Storm of Swords instead of his new novel on my vacation in Canada.
Speaking of reading, I don't think I mentioned that I read
Annie Proulx's "Brokeback Mountain." Well, I did. The movie could be really, really hot with Jake and Heath making out, but more than that, it could easily be the most depressing film I see all year. It was easily the most depressing short story I've read all year. (Ok, the only short story I've read all year.)
And in other art related news, my good friend and yours,
David Lynch is making headlines [reg. req'd.] by opening up a center for transcendental meditation. Pray on praya!!
Image on post from Google Image search: Most depressing short story.

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