No more sad times, only glad times

Well, another year of Decibel has come and gone. Saturday night was the highlight with Audion as a nice warm up to the unbelievably poundy, relentless assault of Carl Craig. He's been around for over 20 years and Saturday night, I learned why. He laid the smack down with a smattering of Detroit regulars like Derrick May and Plastikman. The crowd was attentive and, by the end of it all, moist.
The night ended with C2's killer remix of ultra-classic "Good Life" by Inner City.

I wish I could say that Sunday's show was as solid, but Supermayer, while raising the bar from ear-numbing opener Flying Lotus was only mediocre. Their set never really took off and they seemed more intent on branding a sound than on shaking the dancefloor. That's ok, though, leaving early gave me time to watch the newest episode of Mad Men when I got home. Plus, I was still recovering from the work over Carl Craig gave me.


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Matthew said...

Yeah, C2 really set the bar for what I was expecting on Sunday night. I don't know. Maybe my body just wanted MORE of what C2 was doin (pounding my ears and body into a sludgy, sweaty, exuberant mess), and less of just hearing a mood established.
Oh well, at least we went to Supermayer. And thankfully they didn't try and work with the god-awful groundwork laid by Flying Lotus. Bleck!

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