In the year 2525

I'm too anxious about all this election crap. So in the meantime, please choose your favorite:

Visage v. Zager and Evans

See comments for my vote


jeremy said...

Duh, I like the one w/ eyeliner and vocoder.
But, I think that they are really pretty similar songs--key changes and all.
But the real reason I like the late 70's version is they have two voices and actually harmonize where as Zager and Evans are both just singing melody--lame!

heidi said...

now THAT is some freaky hair (is that Zager or Evans on the left).

heidi said...

... and, seriously, I feel your pain on the election nervousness. My stomach hurts just thinking about it: what a nightmare it would be to have to listen to Palin and look at Barbie Doll Mrs McCain for four tortuous years. And I didn't even mention the real issues!

Phil said...

Don't worry, my fellow prisoners. Vote Zager/Evans for Prez in 2525. I will.