We started dancin' and love put us into a groove

I know I gush about house music a lot. There's just nothing else like it. You don't stand around and wait for a song to finish, then politely applaud. You dance. You drink. You socialize. The music is certainly the centerpiece, but the party is nearly as important.
DJ Heather brought it (as was expected) to Neumo's. The sound there wasn't as stellar as the set up for when Green Velvet played there, but it was decent. I couldn't trainspot any of the tracks she dropped, but was quite pleased with a lack of vocals--at least, if there were vocals, they were filtered and stretched into noise. Her sound has moved away from what I consider to be a traditional Chicago sound, but it is still ass-heavy. A couple time I would even say that she tipped the scales into the 'bangin' category--deep bass drums at around 130bpm gave way to thwackier kicks at around 138bpm.
Her skills behind the deck are legendary, and even though
Phil couldn't tell the difference between Heather and opener Carlos Mendoza, the afficianados out there could hear when the pro got behind the 1's and 2's. (Plus, Mendoza, of Lawnchar Generals fame has too many tracks w/ Latin horns--yuck!)
So, that being said, I still wasn't blown away. I was happy to see a lot of the old crew out--and I was happy to see the faces of the new guard, as well, but something was missing. Maybe I wasn't drunk enough (ha!).

So, this year, I've seen DJ Heather and
Booka Shade--two acts I have nothing but love for--but I still haven't reached a high watermark. There hasn't been a set like Morgan Geist or, heck, even Swayzak to blow my mind.

Tonight is Jon Tejada. I'm a huge fan of what I know of him, but tonight will be the first time seeing him live. The only downside is the show is 18+. Yuck! I hate kids!
Tomorrow was supposed to be Luke Vibert, but [a]pendics.shuffle will be replacing him. More importantly, hometown heroes Jacob London are opening. And best news of all? The show is only $5!!!

Oh, and congratulations to
Donte on his new column in The Stranger-- Bug in the Bassbin. Great first column, Donte! I'm really happy that someone so knowledgable is taking over from that old, stuck-up Jew Dave Segal (and your column title is WAY cooler than his was).

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