Shoo shoe, the sent down word

I've noticed a lot of people type "shoe in" instead of "shoo in." I wonder if these people think the song goes "Shoe fly, don't bother me." What do you figure a shoe fly would look like? Something like this, I'd imagine.
Do you think a bite from a shoe fly would hurt more than that of a deer fly?
Maybe you could scare it off. You know, maybe you could say, like, "Shoo," or something.
While you're pondering these homonyms, might I recommend watching Xiu Xiu The Sent Down Girl and listening to Xiu Xiu's remix album while browsing the selection at Shoefly?


GayProf said...

I am terrible at spelling. Such a idiomatic expression would have likely confused me. Stop judging me.

Though is the opening of one's shoe (where the laces go) called a fly? Just curious.

GayProf said...

an idiomatic

Just proving the point, I suppose.