All in the Lea

I don't know if you caught the series premiere of Glee (the pilot is still up), but it was pretty much awesome. You know how a lot of times you watch a pilot and you think, "Well, that was kinda half-baked but there is lots of room to grow?" Well, Glee's premiere had tons of nods and winks to movies I admire (Election, Bring it On) and even though the characters are bit cardboard-y at this point, they kinda need to be to draw in the viewers.

Anyway, the show stars Lea Michele whose vocal stylings I've been aware of since Spring Awakening; yet, I was still floored by her. Apparently she got her start at the age of 8 in Les Miserables. In Glee she sings 'On My Own' from the Les Mis and nails it. I haven't heard phrasing so precise and emotive since . . . Lea Salonga.

Compare for yourself:

And, even though its not either of them, it is a wonderful performer and decent vocalist who will be joining the cast of Glee for an episode. (via Tapeworthy)

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Vance said...

Hey, have you heard the clips from upcoming songs (need them? email me).

Hey, you're totally right about the Lea thing! I just made that connection! Man, both Lea's are awesome.