Watch me if you can

Roy Andersson, director of one of my favorite movies, has a new one. This is only his fourth feature, and it looks spectacular. His ability to exacerbate life's dreariness by drawing out the absurdity is unparalleled. I hope this movie opens somewhere near me sometime soon.

Look for a review of the musical "
Catch Me If You Can" sometime next week. Sorry if posting has been slower than usual, but we're in the canicular days of August. Also, this month has brought me many visitors.


heidi said...

visitors : good ;)

Ooo, my word verification is: blisper

aircraftgray said...

i would totally go see it.

jeremy said...

JON!!! I think that's like the first time you've EVER posted on my blog! I'm off all next week which means I'm NORMAL(ish) for once and would love to play catch up, are you around?