Different day, perfect night

Last night proved to be an overall excellent evening. Beginning with an excellent dinner at Machiavelli, K and I then proceeded to Chop Suey to see the more than excellent L'ALtra. I don't have to tell you that no one was there because, well, I didn't see you. K and I stood closest to the stage and enjoyed their 45 minute-or-so set which consisted of songs from their most recent album Different Days. I didn't expect shoegazer-like sonic fields, but was more than pleased to hear it. Songs like Morning Disaster gained new depth in my ear. Lindsay and Joe's harmonies were great, and I didn't even mind Joe not singing on Different Days. Instead, he played a denser guitar part that fuzzed out the melody. While this takes away from some of the call and response aspect of the song, it also made it more emotional. Lindsay's voice was just about perfect--the ethereal high parts from Bring on Happiness sounded just like the album and I didn't even see anyone tweaking knobs to get her voice there--she's just that good. They both seem a little out of place on stage which is endlessly endearing. Lindsay said something to the effect of, "This next song is called Different Days. Its the title track from our newest album called Different Days." Joe noticably cringed, then shrugged as he gave K and I a look. Great, great music. Listening to the album today, I just imagine seeing them with an entire orchestra behind them--their instrumentation is that good. I think one day they could do like Portishead did with the New York Philharmonic and pull it off equally as well. Hopefully there will be more than the handful of people that attended the show last night.
Other good things about last night:
Reggie Watts from Maktub sportin' a do that reminded me of a more heavy metal Living Colour.
The always amiable Marcus (who bought me a beer).
[Pictures below.]

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