Rubbed the right way

I'm sure you're thinking that Phil and I do nothing but lounge about eating amazing food and finding ways to relax. Well, that's pretty much the case.
After yet another perfect dinner at Machiavelli's on Capitol Hill, we tried out Imperial Foot Massage (which may actually be Sunset Foot Massage) in the International District.
I had heard rumors about Imperial Foot Massage for quite some time, but finally, on a whim, decided to make Phil take me there after I took him out for dinner. (Did I mention that I had the tortellini formaggio? It was delightsome.)
Imperial Foot Massage is in a building with Hong Kong Restaurant and LA Cafe. It is a strange, yet fitting environ. $15 is all it costs for a half hour foot rub. Tax is included. The room has a large flat screen on one wall, set to the international station (natch). An array of recliners with ottomans face the tv. They sit you in a chair, bring out a tub of hot water, put your feet in the tub, and lay the chair back. Then you just close your eyes and enjoy the rub.
They are open until 11:30, and really, when you can't think of a better way to spend a Saturday night, why shouldn't you treat yourself to an insanely cheap foot rub?

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Tennille said...

I love foot massages. Next time I'm in Seattle we're going!