OS4 is the devil

When Phil and I went to NYC in April, I purchased iPod Touches for both of us. I researched the market and really the only device out there that did the things I wanted it to was the iPod. I haven't owned an Apple product since my Apple IIe in the 80's. Even though they are puritanical in the applications they allow, it worked well for sending email postcards and checking the subway map.
Now, OS4 is here and it killed Phil's iPod Touch. I haven't even tried to upgrade because it scares me. He no longer has wifi connectivity. Battery life is gone. I've always said that Apple is like paying for a Lexus but getting a Honda. Well, the Honda died, and never shall I shuck out another dollar for an Apple product--even though they are so very pretty.


Tennille said...

I haven't updated my 3G phone yet, because I heard this would happen. I really really want the new iphone but until I know it works whats the point? In the mean time, I'm in OS limbo because the new upgrade is meant to kill all old iphones. These latest shenanigans is making me hate apple, which I didn't think would ever happen :(

Phil said...

They almost had me, Tennille. I've always been a PC. I always felt that Apple condesended to it's users, hiding things for their own good, whereas PCs allow you to root around and mess things up on your own until you learn better.
I loved this iPod, the apps rock and it was so easy to use, even if iTunes itself was still the pain it has always been. If the Apple Store makes this better, I will be very happy but I'm not sure I will invest much in an Apple product in the future.

Also if you get the new iPhone, make sure you're holding it correctly.