Some kids are ok

The Kids are All Right didn't open here this weekend. That makes me sad. Aren't we a real-enough city? I really, really liked Lisa Cholodenko's first film "High Art" and enjoyed her second film, "Laurel Canyon." I was looking forward to spending at least a couple hours in an air conditioned movie theater . . .
Maybe we'll go see the Joan Rivers doc at the Majestic Bay and swing into Portage Bay Cafe for some breakfast. Normally, I would wait for video on a documentary like that. Since, however, the Majestic Bay is attempting to keep one screen arty, and it is an independent movie theater, I kinda feel like I should go and be supportive.

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Tennille said...

A Piece of Work made me sad. Just when I thought it was making me like Joan Rivers more, I realized it was also making me dislike her more. I'm curious as to what you'll think about it.