Another year

Well, my 34th year on the planet has been marked.
The weekend brought James Holden at Neumo's on Saturday and Flammable at Re-Bar on Sunday. I used to go to Re-Bar all the time, but now it is relegated to Sunday nights that I don't have to work. Luckily it was a holiday weekend which also brought two friends from San Francisco. Thanks to Bill for letting us drag him around!!! If you didn't know, Re-Bar's right next to a totally rad lookin' butcher shop.

This morning brought a trip to
Toulouse Petit, courtesy of the most handsome guy I know.
The beignets are amazing. The chicory anglaice is otherworldly. Its so good to have yet another quality breakfast establishment from which to choose. When you're stuck on the graveyard shift, you've gotta know where every bloody mary in town is poured.


heidi said...

i love these photos. using your new camera?

jeremy said...

yup! new camera. canon s90. it was around 300 and the point-and-shoot that all the photogs at work recommended.
i need to get adobe lightroom, but there's still tons of control, and the f stop opens up to 2.0. film speed up to 3200 i believe. plus, the mandatory RAW option.
i recommend it!
(hahahhaa my verification word is pootater)