Compare and Contrast

I know, I know, you want substance, but I am unable to deliver that right now.

Instead, I give you "Superstar" as interpreted by Sonic Youth and in its original form by the Carpenters. Risa and I were discussing the Youth's interpretation last week on our way to see "Native Son" at the Intiman, and since yesterday was Risa's birthday, I figured, I'd give her a trip down memory lane.

Consider the following while watching the videos:
Karen and Richard Carpenter are siblings. Thurston Moore and Kim Gordon look alike. The names Karen Carepenter and Kim Gordon both equal 8 numerologically. 8 is the number of roadies the Carpenters had on their final tour. Sonic Youth cites The Velvet Underground as an influence. Richard Carpenter slept with Nico. Anorexia is not a disease. Sarah MacLachlan's "Posession" contains similar themes to ones expressed in this song.

Or, just enjoy. (Play them simultaneously if you like.)

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