As we enter this festive holiday season, I would like to take the time to remind you that the following two phrases have been redacted from popular American colloquiality:
Good to go
Good call
I would also like to address a specific subset of a minority group who have also beaten a decaying horse:
To homosexual men who identify as "bears" or "otters," and, more generally, to homosexual men who have adopted aforementioned subset's proclivity to objectify a man by naming him "woofy:"
The woof phenomenon is over. It ended in 1983. I realize, you were a senior in high school in 1983, but we can let go now, okay? You don't need to bark like a dog to express your interest in an attractive man. This sort of juvenilia will result in your being referred to as a Voodoo Queen. Or perhaps just SugarTits.
So please, be aware of your conversations this Thanksgiving, and make a conscious effort to remove (even if only temporarily) these inanities from our discourse.
Oh, and happy Thanksgiving!


GayProf said...

Is this your version of "The More You Know?"

Glenn said...

I don't particularly like 'woof' either, but I prefer it so much more than 'ur hot' or 'sexy.' Maybe we can use the new phrase coined by jimbo?