About nothing

You get the abbreviated version b/c Blogger just lost my post! Balls!

Anyway, Bill and I saw Godot on Wednesday. It was pretty good. The actors played it as straight comedy. There was no sense of menace or forboding lingering at the edge of the stage. Well, I've never seen a production before, but that's the way I imagined it when I read it.

Tahiti 80 and Brookville on Sunday at the Croc. I hope my peeps come--I'm lookin' at you Mike and Janice, Risa and Keith, and Kelley!!! That's a killer bill. I would take a certain young man, but he has to work. Bummer. Too bad, cuz I would love to give him a squeeze when Tahiti 80 plays Heartbeat (listen/download). I think its one of the sweetest songs . . . and he's one of the sweetest guys. (You can puke now, if you want.)

And, just for fun, the video to the my senior prom song:

Have a good weekend, you guys!


Earl Cootie said...

Alphaville? Never heard of them. Never heard that song before either. Can't say I'm sorry I missed it, but it does have me curious. Where was I whenever that was?

jeremy said...

Alphaville were one hit wonders. I think the song came out in like '85-'86. I have no idea why the class of '94 chose that song. Oh wait, yes I do, because they were idiots. My prom date and I skidattled long before the song was played.

Adam said...

You know whats disgusting? This was MY senior song too. I was so pissed when it was selected by the dumbass student government. This song is so bad, sometimes I feel like it was purposefully made to be played at HS graduations just like that vitamin C song. The worst part about having this as our class song was that it wasn't even contemporary and most of the class had never heard of it before.

Earl Cootie said...

Ha. My senior song was "Freebird", which was nearly ten years old at the time. But I suppose it beats the hell out of my brother's class song (he's only a year older than me), which was Seals & Crofts' "We May Never Pass this Way Again".