Best Xmas present ever . . .

Maggie gave me the greatest gift last night. Besides her presence at last night's choir concert with her sweet boyfriend Tony, Maggie gave me a ticket to see INLAND EMPIRE at the Cinerama on January 17th. This will be the northwest premiere, and Mr. Lynch will be in attendance.
This is the second Lynch related gift Maggie has given me--the first was a ticket to see his Transcendental Meditation tour at the UW. The focus of that lecture wasn't really my cup o' tea, but I did enjoy the free form Q&A where I learned things like where the Black Lodge came from and things about his artistic process in general.
This gift is WAY cooler because it is accompanied by the much anticipated (by me at least) INLAND EMPIRE.
You can expect a full report about the event--and this time, I'm bringing my Blue Velvet screenplay and
Lynch on Lynch book for him to sign.

Oh, if you're curious about getting yourself a ticket (a bargain at $20) I believe Maggie said you can get them at
Scarecrow--a web site I found also says at Seattle Art Museum (but isn't it closed?).

Oh, and I also want to just quickly apologize to all of the people I have flaked out/bailed on lately (especially you, Bill). Most of it has to do with choir, some of it has to do with out of town visitors, some of it has to do with my stupid schedule. I am sorry and my first priority in the new year is to be a better friend who has a better idea of how to properly manage his time.
This week looks crazier than most--tonight, cast party. Tomorrow night, top-secret early Xmas present for a dashing young man. Then comes the bend-me-over-and-make-it-hurt home stretch of performance-work-sleep 3 hours-matinee performance-sleep 4 hours-performance-work-sleep. Yeah, that last sleep spell will probably near twelve hours. Yes, I do have the ability to sleep for twelve hours.

If posting is light, my apologies.


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I'm seeing it Sunday in New York, but not as cool as seeing Lynch there too!

Rachel and I plan to watch it and then podcast all about it Sunday. Watch for the Lynchcast Sunday night.