Working, backwards

Sunday - Did a whole bunch of nothing, which included, a single load of laundry and WoW.

Saturday - Saw "Marie Antionette" with Bill and Andrew.
Thoughts on the film -
Sofia Coppola can make 2 hours feel like 3.
Pink really is pretty.
I liked how completely disconnected from the world the film made her seem.

Did a single load of laundry. Played some WoW.

Friday - Saw MSTRKRFT play at Chop Suey. Only a couple of the usual suspects were around--well, some is better than none.
Thoughts on the show -
These guys know how to stack a set--the bass kept getting thicker and thicker.
Who knew that Seattle can party?
Perhaps all it takes to make a party go off is chicks dressed in black spandex pants and halter with matching gold lame hat and shoes--I'm not lyin'!

Saw Jamie Cullum at The Paramount with my chorus buddy. I had never heard of nor heard anything by Jamie Cullum before.
Thoughts on the show -
Having no/very low expectations is a good way to see a performer about whom you know nothing.
Does everyone in the world cover "Love Will Tear Us Apart?"
At times, especially when singing standards, he sounds like Harry Connick, Jr.
The visuals were pretty.

Thursday - Went on a date. I'm not going to tell you anything about it. Like, I won't say that we've already got another date planned. I would never mention that Steve2 thinks he looks like a taller, skinnier me. I'm not going to tell you that I think he's kinda awesome (and bearded!). I'm not going to tell you any of that, not because I have a modicum of decency (because you all know I don't) but because chances are, he's reading this.
I will tell you that the date was better than this one or this one.


Earl Cootie said...

Doing laundry is good. Even single load by single load. And it's not like you need to stand there and huff the freshness of the done laundry like you're on teevee or something. But you just look at the dwindling pile of stuff that remains to be washed and you feel better, cleaner, lighter. Ahhh. Laundry.

That other stuff you did sounds fun too. But laundry. Ahhh.

GayProf said...

And does this date make 2 hours seem like 3 (in the good way)?

jeremy said...