True or False?

You make the call.

In the past week:

I went to the gym three times.
My father referred to the Men's Chorus as, "Your little glee club."
I sent my nieces presents.
I kissed a guy in one of my favorite places in the city.
I leveled 3 of my 5 WoW characters.
I recieved $10 cash in the mail.
I updated the "Countdown to BSG" dry-erase board at least twice.
I went bowling.
I went canoeing.
I danced in my underwear.


GayProf said...

Gym: False
Chorous: True
Nieces? I thought you had nephews.
Kiss: True -- I hope.
WoW: Just sad if true.
$10 Cash: True
What are you counting down? BSG is already back.
Bowling: True
Canoeing: Falso
You wear underwear?

Matt in San Francisco said...

All true!

Erik said...

I think all of them are true except for the canoeing one.

Tennille said...

Seems a little chilly for canoeing - although if this boy is a hot ginger, chances are you were watching from the sidelines....I say TRUE!!!

Adam said...

I say they're all true.

jeremy said...

Who knew that all my readers are such optimists?