Support a 'stache

Listen up!
You need to donate money to a good cause--Seattle's 826 school.
If you're not familiar with 826, then you must be an uneducated, under-read lout, and I suggest you get yourself a subscription to McSweeney's post-haste.
Anyway, my good buddy Keith is offering his upper lip in a fundraising effort for the organization. Read more about it here. And check out the muy sexy picture, with one eye half-closed. HOT!
So if you've got $20 to spare, know its going to a good organization that offers a lot of great programs. Seattlites especially should consider, at the very least, a $20 donation.


Keith said...

Hey Jeremy, thanks for the publicity!

So, when are we going to see Native Son?

jeremy said...

My pleasure, Keith!
I'm not donating through PayPal because work will match my donation, so I'll be mailing a check any day now.
As for Native Son, I'm down whenever. Let me know what works for you!