End of an era?

First of all, I've gotta give a BIG SHOUTOUT to my bestest friend in the entire multiverse--one Ms. Janice Headley-Baehr who turns 29 years young today (wink, wink). The first 2 decades were a cakewalk--get ready for the toughest of them all. I'll be right up the street if you need a shoulder to cry on.
And in completely unrelated news . . .
Apparently, the Re-Bar is for sale.

I've spent many a happy night there. Home to lots of things like Hedwig, Lesbian Hip-Hop Night, Seattle's only monthly techno night, Krakt, and, of course, my beloved Flammable.

I know that a bunch of the bartenders bought the place from the previous owner, and I thought for sure they would have a much longer run. I know my last visit there was kinda lame, but I've had more good times there than mediocre or bad times. I've heard some great sets spun by great DJs.

I can only hope that any new owners will keep the Sunday night thing.

Speaking of music -

I know I said I'd only post mixes that I make from Acid from now on, but Acid is on my home computer and it is a pirated copy (shh! don't tell anyone!). So, at work I've got the other program--the one to which I own the registration key--so that's what you get.

I made this mix at work, listening thru my headphones. It seemed a little subdued, truthfully. Then I got home and listened to it on my stereo and I realized just how bangin' it is. I've taken it to the gym twice and it works really well for my cardio. I've been trying to up my time on the elliptical to an hour and this mix peaks at just the right point.

People have asked that I write a little more about my track selection (since, really, that's all I've got goin' for me). So I'll include a line or two.

For your listening (and hopefully dancing around your living room) pleasure:

Neds (Vakant) - Alex Smoke -- Alex played a great set at Decibel, so I thought I'd give him some love (like he needs it).
Rancho Relaxo - Anja Schneider, Sebo K -- Umm, cuz the name of the track is Rancho Relaxo, duh!
Camino del Sol (Joakim remix) - Antena -- You know I like me some Joakim.
Lonely by Your Side (Booka Shade remix) -- Azzido da Bass -- Booka Shade, 'nuf said.
Overrun - Henrik B
Gutterballs - Jacob London -- I like the Chi-town sensibilities from this Seattle-based duo.
If You Give Me - John Dahlbeck -- This track is everywhere, so I had to follow the trend.
Monster Hospital (MSTRKRFT remix) - Metrics -- MSTRKRFT is gonna be here soon (10/20 @ Chop Suey).
The Pact - Silicone Soul -- Soma recordings puts out qulaity.
Pass this On (Dahlbeck and Dahlbeck remix) - The Knife -- John and Jesper reworking a great track.
Take a Chance - Mr. Flagio -- Everyone loves Italo. I think just about every electro DJ out there has caned this track.
What Else is There? (Vitalic remix) -- Yes, I probably shouldn't have used another track with Karin (from The Knife), but I love Vitalic.
Always Something Better - Trentemoller -- Haven't heard the new album, but everything I have heard from him is amazing. This one is no exception. (If you have the album, send my way, m'kay?)

(Image from Endquote's flickr acct.)


Tennille said...

where will I spend christmas?

Anonymous said...

good riddance rebar. no one needs to smell that sunday night stank anymore.