Answer Key

1. F - In seven whole days, I went once. Count it, uno. I'm pathetic. At least my gym bag is packed and ready to go, like it has been for the past 5 days.
2. F - My father has and does refer to the chorus as, "your little glee club," true. This was a trick question, he did not refer to it that way in the past week.
3. F - You've got to be kidding. I only get things for my nieces when I see them. I know, I'm a bad uncle. Sue me. I'm still "fun Uncle Jeremy."
4. T - Um. Yep. Its true.
5. T - Same with this one. It was a good week, what can I say?
6. T - It was a five and five ones. Really crisp. I'm a Nielsen person. I'm not too sure on the specifics yet, but I'll let you know after I take this online survey. I already spent the 10 bones on last night's lunch. Or whatever you want to call what I eat at 2 in the morning. I call it lunch.
7. F - I bet you thought, he's a nerd and stuff, but he wouldn't have a Countdown to BSG dry erase board, let me assure you, gentle reader, there is a Countdown to BSG board in the domicile. Also, I have NEVER updated it. I don't like math. (And Prof, its an hourly countdown til the next new show.)
8. T - I did. It's true.
9. F - I went kayaking, not canoeing. No, I'm too lazy to have done either.
10. T - There is seldom a day that goes by that I haven't danced in my underwear.

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GayProf said...

A Nielsen person?! You have so much power in your hands. Choose wisely.