Weekend Recap:
Friday. Went on third worst date ever. Upon returning from the restroom, my suitor asked me if I wanted to "bust a nut all over his face." Guh-ross.
Saturday. Caught up with Netflix movies.
Sunday. Brunch at the Wild Mountain Cafe with Geoff. Hellbent later that evening with Bill, Geoff, Cameron, and Cameron's sister Ashley. Then the Cuff with Bill, and finally Re-Bar.

First I'll give you my review of Hellbent. My expectations were low. Said expectations were met. There were also a couple clever constructs--like a glass eye. All in all, there wasn't enough boy-on-boy action although there was plenty of flesh. The gore was pretty good and the scares were non-existent. This is the longest review that a film of this caliber warrants.

Now, about the date.
So I'm not really one to shy away from meeting someone new. I always say that everyone has a story to tell. Generally, stories interest me even if they are poorly told. The date didn't have any stories. Fortunately, he had a love for Buffy, and that was enough to sustain our conversation from bar to burrito shop. Then we parted ways. Even though he did ask me if I wanted to have sex with him. And even though he did ask me if I wanted to bust a nut all over his face, he wasn't really that bad of a guy. Just a little young. Just a little lonely. Just a little socially awkward. I (obviously) won't call him back. I won't respond to his emails, and it makes me feel a little guilty. Not that guilty, though. He did say, "bust a nut all over my face."


Anonymous said...
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Unshod puker said...

but didn't you like, just a little bit, that some guy, youngish, lonelyish, would want to bust a nut all over your face?

jeremy said...

um, no, not really. it made me feel sad for him. and i don't really think sad people are sexy.

Anonymous said...

Sad people are definitely sexy.