Developing Arrests

Last night I went over to Matt's for the season premiere of Arrested Development and both of us were pleased with the opener. Lucille, Buster, Michael, GOB, Lindsay, and the gang delighted us with their silly antics. My favorite line had something to do with a "dusty old claptrap." Seaward, indeed.
Here's some more pop-culture-y stuff of which I was recently made aware.
Mirrormask - Neil Gaiman and Dave McKean have teamed up to bring us this fairy tale, and guys, it looks beautiful. If you're not familiar with Dave, he's created some of the most visually arresting images of the last ten (or so) years. He's done CD covers for the likes of Tori Amos, Alice Cooper, and the Counting Crows. And as for his cohort in creating this film, if you don't know Neil Gaiman, then, well, I probably don't want to know you. I'll take the time, however, to inform you. Neil is responsible for the comic Sandman and a plethora of inventive, unique fantasy novels. His short stories are, in my opinion, some of the cleverest ever written (see: Bay Wolf, BeoWulf meets BayWatch). Anyway, for your daily dose of eye candy, I recommend checking out the trailer. Gorgeous, huh? And it's coming out Sept. 30th. I've said it before, and I'll say it again, "Where the hell have I been?"
Tonight: New episode of Gilmore Girls!!! Yippie! Will Lorelai and Rory finally talk? Or will the wall of isolation continue to separate them? Will Paris call and annoy Lorelai? Will Luke get his hair color back to normal?
I love fall--now if only we could drop this upper 60's crap and get some mizzle going. [Ed note: For those not located in the Pacific Northwest, mizzle is the combination mist and drizzle for which the region is known.]

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