Tomorrow cancelled due to lack of interest

We all know that Seattle is a city that loves its arts. Especially its contemporary arts. We've got Roq la Rue and BlueBottle, the Henry and the Frye, Bumbershoot and the Decibel Festival. In fact, Dave Eggers was surprised with our fair city's ability to quickly raise capital for something as nebulous as a center for creative writing.
Here's what I don't get, though. With all of our resources and apparent willingness to support the arts, why are arts organizations failing? Why is something like ResFest not making a stop in Seattle this year? Three years ago, ResFest was at the Cinerama. This year, I'll have to travel to Vancouver to see any of it.
911 Media Arts, COCA, and ConWorks are all having a rough time of it. ACT Theatre seems to have been temporarily rescued. So basically, these larger structures are easier to support (ACT, the Henry, the Frye, et al.). They get more funding and have higher profiles, and here's the part that blows my mind--the boards of directors have totally stepped away from what their members want and, in an effort to save money, have fired Executive Directors and founders. What is this doing? Its alienating the members even further. It is frustrating to the employees who remain. It makes the board look like a bunch of jackasses (which they are).
I know I should be more concerned with the horrific tragedies which are taking place around the world, but sometimes those things make me want to stay in bed. Art makes me want to get up, get out, and do something. I'm not sure who said that we will be saved by our cultural imagination, but when I first heard it, I realized it was a precept to which I already subscribed.
Hopefully the politics and the structures in which these organizations operate can be changed. I don't know if I've told you to before, but become a member. Donate. Vote.

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