Let's call it for what it is, 2010 is the year of chicken fried steak.

I have lived out of Texas for nearly as long as I lived in Texas, and while I have found some passable chicken fried steaks out there, the majority of them cannot find full-on, artery-clogging glory necessary for the dish.

That is why I was absolutely floored by Peso's chicken fried steak. It has a jalepeno-corn cream gravy that is out of this world. Served atop seasoned home fries with 2 eggs cooked any way you want (over-medium, thanks) and a side of pico de gallo, this dish completely satisfies.
Yesterday morning I had my second hakerin' for it this year. That's 2 times in 21 days for those you keeping score. Chances are, I'll get another hankerin' in another 10 or-so days.
I asked if there was any green tobasco. Nope, but there was a special salsa verde that the cooks make for the staff, I was told. Its really hot, though, the waitress added.
That's all I needed to hear. I love hot food. I am a self-proclaimed conoisseur of all things hot.
Hot sauces can have a problem--they can sacrifice flavor for heat. This has to be the most perfect hot sauce I have ever had. It left my mouth with a warm tingle long after I was finished and still held the sweetness of the peppers used to create it.
Oh, and did I tell you the best thing about Peso's breakfast? From 9 - 11 M-F, all breakfast items are $6.

So this was never meant to be a restaurant blog, but when you live in a city with food as good as this, its hard to not write about it.

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