I blove you

Two posts in one day, that's crazy!
I just had to because I haven't really been able to leave the vault today and nearly all the blogs I've read today are phenomenal.
Because I love music more than just about anything, I'm directing you to
Rich's site first.
For not
one, but two great music posts. The first on Italo-Disco the second on Freestylin'. Tons o' linkage to tons of great (and if not great then fun) music.
Then onto
Adam's site where he questions queer theory. Be sure to read the GayProf's comments.
Next, I would suggest you hit up Dan's site for some hysterical Jean-Claude vanDamme(age)!!
And finally, I offer this picture:

As suggested by Matt. Yes, it is a dead bear. I wanted a hunting lodge, but this was one of the first images returned to me, and I liked his little tongue poking out.
Hey! And since I've posted twice today--don't forget to vote in the poll below--I could win a prize here at work if any of them get selected.

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