End of week wrap-up

Aww, doesn't he look sweet? 60 years old, today!!
First of all, Happy 60th Birthday to my favorite filmmaker,
David Lynch. My love for Lynch is well-chronicled in this blog, and I'm sure my adoration will continue with the release of his newest film, INLAND EMPIRE due out sometime this year.
What I love about a Lynch's films, is even if you could comprehend the plot, the joy of his films is in watching them. From the simple, sweet
Straight Story to the complex, moody Mulholland Drive he knows how to involve his audience with the images on the screen (and sounds from the speakers) and that is a feat which few directors accomplish.
Here's a
blurb from DarkHorizons about his newest project.

From one obsession to the next--
Joss Whedon returns to Astonishing X-Men for another 12 issue story arc. [
If you're in San Franciso and don't mind hanging with the Bi-Mon-Sci-Fi-Con crowd, then hit up the WonderCon where you can catch a documentary about the
Browncoats and how they helped make Serenity a reality. Plus, the animated Ultimate Avengers film! [article]
And, if you eat your vegetables and say your prayers, then maybe the WB will get their hands on a Spike made-for-TV movie. [
article] Can I suggest Tori Spelling in a supporting role and a title like, "Mother May I Suck with Danger?" (Or something more clever, I'm tired--been in this damn vault for like 6 days in a row!)

Fox cancels Malcolm in the Middle and That 70's Show, but no Arrested Development? [
article] Showtime announces 4 new shows, but no Arrested Development? [article]

And now for my greatest obsession--music.
Joe Clausell's newest album drops March 6th. Here's a sample of the Carl Craig track.
Roger Sanchez takes up residency at WKTU. [
A pretty decent (streamed) mix by Boo Williams @
Grooveparlor. [stream]

And, finally, I'll end with a Parker Posey picture from Superman Returns and a little news about what she's up to. (That's just for you,

Parker and Mischa Barton star in The OH in Ohio along with Paul Rudd, Danny DeVito, and Liza Minelli due out this year. [official site]
She can also be seen in Adam & Steve sometime this year. [official site]
And she's back working with Hal Hartley as the eponymous Fay in Fay Grim. After Hartley's last debacle, just about the only thing that could get me into one of his films is Ms. Posey. Update: Fay Grim is the sequel to Henry Fool.
Have a great weekend, y'all! I'm off to a Sonics game tonight. Then a hot date tomorrow. Full recap on Monday-ish.

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