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Be afraid. Be very afraid.Every once in a while I get all political and shit. (See?) This week, while momentus for my people, is also notable due to some bills that are languishing in committee. HB2818, SB6558, and SB6557 need to be enacted so local film and video artists have a chance to expand their skills and compete with their peers (and make some scrilla). There was some speculation that these bills circumvent the state Constitution, but tax incentives and quick turnaround times for permits really only bolster local economies thereby being beneficial for multiple industries (and not showing bias toward one).
MovieMaker magazine runs a yearly article about the 10 best cities in which to shoot a film. Sometimes Seattle makes the cut, sometimes we don't. Cities like Vancouver, Toronto, NYC, and Austin are staples because of the incentives they offer filmmakers.
Just think, if Washington state had similar laws enacted, then movies like
Cthulhu might already be in the can. Then, just imagine, Tori Spelling's triumphant return to the silver screen. So call your representative, blah blah blah.

And if that was too political for you, then I direct you to a scientific experiment. (Which I actually found through the Cthulhu site and have performed at home many, many times.)
Is there such a thing as a six beer queer? Find out for yourself

Do you know any 6 beer queers?

P.S. Sorry for the super-irregular posting. Things are a bit crazy right now.

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