This time around, it will be bought and sold

Yo, yo, yo!
I don't know how excited I am about Superman Returns, but I do enjoy me some Parker Posey--and Bryan Singer's a 'mo and all. And Brandon Routh is pretty hot--but it looks too stylized. I know that Superman's never been as dark as Batman, but sometimes if a comic book movie looks too comic then it comes off as schlock. Ah well, we'll see. Here's the latest Parker pic from Superman.

Um, what else.
Oh yeah. Did y'all check out SNL this week? It wasn't half-bad. Scarlett Johansson did a pretty good job. The best sketch is available at JustJared. Check it!

I smell like cat today, and I can't figure out why.


Rich said...

That's because you're a pussy.

Adam said...

I think someone needs to dedicate a blog specifically to Parker Posey! Every picture I see of her makes me want to squeal with utter delight. I want her and Amy Sedaris to be in a movie about trailer trash lesbians. It should be directed by Harmony Corine.