As you struggle with the metronome in your mind

David Lynch, Laura Dern, Jeremy Irons on the set of INLAND EMPIREI love that someone in Danville, VA did a search for 'Let's Go Dancing' by Sparque and was led to my site. I love that someone in Belgium did a search for 'My Beats' by Jimmy Edgar and was directed here.

Did you know that to triple the number of hits to your site, all you have to do is mention some famous star's videoed indiscretion with a Playmate? (see previous post) The internet is a curious, curious place.

So, onto the unimportant news.

Stills from the new Lynch film, INLAND EMPIRE, are up on
Lynchnet. And, not that I'm counting, but the extended version of Dune comes out in 19 days. That's 2 weeks and five days. An extra hour of footage. That movie has so much going for it. I understand why it wasn't well-recieved, but it is a gorgeous film with some heady ideas that get boiled down to a knife fight between Sting and Kyle MacLachlan. It also has one of my favorite shots from a movie--the Emperor's Sardukar exiting a ship. AB-SO-LUTE-LY breathtaking. For me, its better than the North by Northwest shot with the UN building. So if anyone wants to have a screening party, you know where I'll be on Jan. 31st. By the way, I'll post that shot after the DVD comes out and I get a screen cap--just so you can know what I'm talking about.
North by Northwest

And, since this is really just a movie post, let's talk more movies.

One of my favorite childhood books, and winner of the Newberry Award,
Bridge to Terabithia is being made into a film. It is a story that has stayed with me since I read it, and even though the cast will probably be no-names, I know I'll go see it. Think My Girl without all the saccharine.

Finally saw the trailer for Running with Scissors, and even though the
book is overrated, and even though Gwyneth Paltrow and Annette Bening are in the movie, I've gotta say that I'm pretty interested. [trailer]

One last thing--yes, I will probably go see Underworld: Evolution if only because my sweet, sweet Ben is in it.

Scott Speedman (aka Ben) and Kate Beckinsale in Underworld: Evolutions

One more last thing: Have you checked out Googlefight? I love it! To set the record straight once and for all, Tyra Banks beats out Tyra Banxxx by lots and lots!!

Have a lovely Thursday!!


Charles said...

Were you a fan of Felicity?

jeremy said...

Yes, and no. Like so many J.J. Abrahams projects, it was well-intentioned, but ended up floundering (ahem, Lost!). I do have a thing for Scott Speedman once. He came into my restaurant in my waiting tables days and was super nice and that smile he does in Felicity is FOR REAL!! (And each one is directed specifically at me!)

Matt S. said...

Holy crap, how did I not know that Running With Scissors was being made into a movie. I adore the book.

Loved Felicity, and Jeremy, we will have to fight for Mr. Speedman, Ben is all mine!