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Hey all--sorry 'bout the lack of postage lately. Must be that 2 cent increase . . .
I know I was supposed to post sometime this week with the movie stuff. Lay off me, m'kay? I had a bad weekend. Well, not that bad, but bad enough to not make it to the gym or library on Saturday. Also, work has been crazy, thanks mainly in part to all of my asian coutnerparts. I don't speak the asian, they don't speak the American. Email exchanges look something like this:
Them: "Would tomorrow if blank for now."
Me: "Is that a question?"
So I'm bustin' ass. Cool news is, work is going to pay for Japanese lessons for me!!! Then I'll only have to learn Mandarin and whatever they speak in Kuala Lumpur. Of course, by then the push will probably be south american. Thank god I speak Mexican ok.
Onto the unimportant news:
I know I don't have to tell you 'bout the
Colin Farrell sex tape hitting the web . . . I wanna see the footage of him on E with the tranny in Florida, though.

And speaking of Playboy models and celebs, Adrienne Curry's (1st season winner of ANTM) is going to spread her spread for the mag. Also, she has this to say about Tyra:
"She's really mean. She's Dr. Jekyll, Mr. Hyde," said Curry.
here, brief reg. req'd.)

As I mentioned before, Sherilyn Fenn is on GG tonight. In tonight's episode, Rory and two other students are expelled for plotting to kill their assistant prinicpal. [

Alicia Silverstone (remember her?) is tyring to make a comeback by eating the 'tang. [

If Arrested Development has stimulated your inerest in Liza,
look no further.

That's Kentertainment satirizes Madonna, plus the cast of Rent! [

More Superman leaks--4 new pics, including my girl Parker. [

Will Toale, the new AquamanWill Toale, the new AquamanOh, speaking of super heroes, have you gotten a look at the new Aquaman for the WB TV series? Not bad, but I'd much rather look at Alan Richtson's body. Oh, the new dude is named Will Toale. [
The old, dreamy Aquaman
Ok, that's all I've got! I'll eat more fiber so I'm a little more regular, k?

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Adam said...

In addition to He-Man I also played with Marvel Comic action figures. Aqua-Man was also a favorite of mine. ;)