The rarest of birds, a Sunday post

A Very Special VaultSo I'm locked in this damn vault and its Sunday. Can you believe it? I mean, really! Our worldwide offices are dependent upon some poor schmo to make certain orders are fulfilled. Today, that schmo is me. The boredom is interminable.
But I like to take lemons and give people AIDS, or something. So you're getting a very special Sunday edition of the vault.

The recipient of the vault's first annual, "This Book is Mega-Rad Award," Scott Heim, has informed me that he is two or three weeks out from finishing his latest novel. That's all he gave me, though. No title. No plot summary. Nothin'. Sophomore novels, for me, are always a joy to read. They are make or break time for the earnest novelist, and who doesn't like seeing someone fail miserably? Not that I believe Scott would fail miserably. If you've read
Mysterious Skin, then you know his ability to have well-defined characters, an interesting plot, a great structure, and perhaps the most emotional payoff I've ever read.

Giving Scott a run for his money in the '06 "This Book is Mega-Rad Awards" will be another of my favorite authors--David Mitchell. Mitchell is on his fourth novel. The newest novel is entitled
Black Swan Green, and from early press, it sounds like it'll be quite the departure for Mr. Mitchell. Its a semi-autobiographical coming of age story. Could be shark jumping material, but with his stellar track record, I'm guessing it will be more of a schmaltzy one-off before a return to (convoluted) form.

Now for TV crap. The season finale of Arrested Development will air February 10th. Notice I said season finale. For some reason, Fox won't say that the show's not coming back next season, even though they cut their order to 13 episodes this season. [
article] You know Matt and I will be partying and crying on that day. Hopefully I won't get attacked though, like for the series finale of Buffy.

And, just for fun, a pic of Amy Sedaris that cracks me up.
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Charles said...

Blossom was my favorite tv show when I was a teenager.

And I loved the film version of Mysterious Skin. It was horrifying and moving at the same time—not an easy feat to pull off.

Adam said...

Amy gets to have all the fun. I wanna ride the bodybuilder in the grocery store, waaaaaa.