Tap 'er lightly

NYE celebration was good. I hope yours went well, too. Yesterday marked the end of a time for gluttony and today marks the beginning of a year (give-or-take) of health and discipline.

To commemorate the end of gluttony, Matt, Steve, Steve, and I went to the
Old Country Buffet for a three hour chow-down. We ate in shifts and napped in our chairs. We also selected one table to recieve the wrath of our collective gas. It went something like this--each time you believe that you can fart, walk in front of the selected dining guests, and beef a big one. It lasted about 3 rounds and you could tell that the adorable couple was getting angry. Mission accomplished!! Then, recently released convicts cleared our plates as we went back for seconds, thirds, fourths, desserts, and after-dessert mac-n-cheese. Then we went back to their place to polish off a half-rack and play video games. I can't think of a more gluttonous way to spend the day.

Today, of course, I was up at 5:15 and worked out for an hour and ten minutes. Now if only I can make this part of my daily regimen . . .

Now onto the (unimportant) news:

First off, Kate Beckinsale has reportedly been vying pretty hard for the role of Wonder Woman. Here's a pic of her from Halloween:

Click the pic to be taken to the article. Personally, I'm still pulling for Lorelai Gilmore--er, Lauren Graham.

Also, a Happy Belated Birthday to auteur Todd Haynes who turned 45 (!!) yesterday. Old man river!
Funny article on After School Specials from the Boston Globe.
Set sneaks from Superman Returns are starting to hit the web. [here and here]
An interview with Buster and Lucille--er, I mean Jessica Walter and Tony Hale.
And set your VCR's now! Amy Sedaris on Dave this Friday!!!
And for your daily music fix--
Check out this link to Bleep. It links to fistful of downloadable tracks from Warp records. I don't know if you have to have been a registered user before 1-1-06 to download them, but I'm guessing that a quick registration will make them available to you. If any of them interest you and you can't download them, let me know, I'll send 'em your way.
And also, there's an Audion web site here. If you don't have either of the tracks offered on this site, then what are you waiting for? Matthew Dear is dreamy.


k said...

happy new year j!

jeremy said...

thanks k, you too!!! welcome back to soggy seattle!