Out with the auld, in with the nude

Quit SmokingYech. Well, I somehow made it through the world's longest work day. It was only 8 hours, but felt like a lot more. So I thought I'd wish you and yours a happy new year. I don't think I'm going to do anything except sit at home with some movies or maybe a video game this year. Last year sort of put me off for the whole, "celebrate another year of being alone" thing.
And if I know you in person, expect to see a lot less of me in the coming year as I will be A) saving money for Peru, B) going to the gym a lot more (and hence going to bed much earlier), and 3) attempting (again) to quit smoking. Wish me luck on all endeavors.

Now its time for [my version of] the news.

LA Times has an article on WA state's push to make filmmaking cheaper. [
article, reg. req'd.] I contacted the dude who's in charge of the initiative. He seems pretty cool. Told him I'd help volunteer, etc. Also trying to wrangle some cash from a certain corporate institution with which I am affiliated.

Dune gets released on DVD as a special extended edition on Jan. 31st!! ['bout time!] [

If you're wondering what that hooker Jayla from ANTM has been up to, look no further. [

And finally, an interview with Todd Solondz from FilmThreat. [

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Matt S. said...

wow, sounds like some pretty ambitious New Year resolutions. I wish you much luck!