London Bridge is falling down, my daddy's drunk again in town

Inspired by Chrisafer's post about Dollywood. I was feeling in a Dolly type of mood. In fact, the holidays always kinda remind me of Dolly. Kenny and Dolly's Christmas album was a staple in our household along with Roger Whitaker. "A Christmas to Remember" and The Waitresses' "Christmas Wrapping" put me in the holiday spirit more than any other tracks. Well, those two and "Do They Know Its Christmas." There's just something cheerful and funny about starving children in Africa who could give a fuck about Jesus on Christmas Day.
I digress. For your edification,
here is a link to my favorite Dolly track. (Thanks, K!)
Dina Martina
I really, really want to see some drag queen like
Dina Martina perform this song. It is so creepy and strange. How the hell did little Andy and Sandy die? Did Dolly kill them? I'm so confused--and itrigued.

Speaking of Dina, I think I'm going to her Christmas show this weekend. I'll let you know how it is.

Now for other, unimportant stuff.
Serenity might spawn a straight to TV sequel. I'm down! [article]
And, like me, the Chicago Tribune thinks Veronica Mars is better than Lost. [
article] And just to remind yourself how crappy J.J. Abrams really is, I urge you to watch the Felicity "Twilight Zone" episode. Total crap. You notice how Felicity didn't go anywhere? What? You didn't watch Felicity? Well, I did, but only cuz it had Scott Speedman in Speedos. How about Alias, then? Have you noticed how it hasn't gone anywhere? Anyway, J.J. Abrams sucks big donkey dick.
But Joss Whedon rules, y'all! Here's a video clip with him discussing his plans for Wonder Woman!!! (I still hope Lauren Graham plays the heroine--or shoots heroin--or something!)

The Fort Worth Star-Telegram does a piss-poor job at slamming
Ellie Parker. [article] For a better article slamming Ellie, check this.

Um. What else. Oh yeah, the
House Music Awards were announced. Defected gets some major lovin'. David Guetta
Dj of the Year is
David Guetta.

And, finally, I'm officially a contributor to
Here's my first article--which probably sounds familiar.


Chuck said...

I have always loved Me & Little Andy. I think it was one of the first songs she ever wrote. I heart the Dolly. I always put this song on my bitchin Xmas mixes.

I liked your story about the dive bar. My favorite dive where I live uses large cable&wire spools for tables. Covered in carpet if you can possibly picture it. Great jukebox though. Nothing produced beyond 1972.

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