Is it seriously December?

I can't believe that we're 20 days out from Xmas. The good news is, Nilla will be here in 17 days. The bad news is, I have to shop and send out cards and go to the office Xmas party and a bunch of other crap.
One good thing is I don't shop for the nieces until after Xmas. I call them late on Xmas day and find out what they didn't get that they still want. Since they have like a bazillion relatives, I figure they can hold out for the gift from me--which invariably will be the one gift they didn't get. That doesn't make me lazy does it?
Eh, who am I kidding. I define lazy. If I don't get my 16 hours of sleep a day, I'm grumpy. Speaking of which, I'm going on 4 and a half for last night. (Thanks a lot Matt, video games, and A Feast for Crows!)
Uh. Stuff to tell you. Ok--
First of all, it is rumored that Amy Sherman-Palladino, creator of the Gilmore Girls, could be leaving the show to work on another next season. To that, I say, one more season, then kaput. [
I don't follow sports or anything, but is it true that Monday Night Football may be no longer? To that, I say, thank Jebus!
Oh, and did you guys know that
Making Love is finally being released on DVD? Mark your calendars, or get your Netflix queued up--February 7, 2006. You may have heard about the film. You might have even seen it. Sometimes it is called groundbreaking. Sometimes it is called soap opera-ish. Its not a great film by any means, but any movie that has one of Charlie's Angels, Sheriff Harry S. Truman from Twin Peaks, and the murderer of Veronica Mars' best friend can't be all bad, right?
If you were wondering what's going on with the apartment that Parker Posey allegedly trashed, follow up
I'm not going to
Sundance this year. In fact, I haven't been since just after college, but the line-up looks OK. Strangely missing is The Notorious Bettie Page starring Gretchen Mol as the titular character, directed by Mary Harron (I Shot Andy Warhol) and written by Harron and Guinivere Turner (Go, Fish!). Opening the festival is Friends with Money written and directed by the talented Nicole Holofecner (Walking & Talking, Lovely & Amazing) who works with an ensemble cast including perennial favorite, Catherine Keener.
Also at Sundance this year:
Alpha Dog written and directed by Nick Cassavetes w/ Justin Timberlake, Bruce Willis, and Sharon Stone
Kinky Boots directed by Julian Jarrold w/ Chiwetel Eijofor (Serenity)
Art School Confidential directed by Terry Zwigoff and written by Zwigoff and Daniel Clowes (the team that brought us Ghost World)

Um. What else.
Oh yeah! Arrested Development is back on tonight! It hasn't officially been axed, so please, please tune in and pray and eat your vegetables or something. And if you want to write to FOX to tell them not to cancel the show, this article tells ya where to address that letter. [

Hey! And did you know that
Tosca is going on tour supporting their new album J.A.C.? Yeah. They are, but they're not coming to Seattle. Such a bummer. Now, for me, Tosca is sort of take 'em or leave 'em, but this new album is seriously great.

And finally, local shows that are coming up.
New Year's Eve at ConWorks (where I was last year to see U.S.E.) is doing a balls out
dance music show!! John Tejada headlines. Yippie!!
And on February 18th, DJ Heather returns to headline a 3 room party at the Pacific Science Center.
Thing is, that night is also Mylo at Chop Suey. Decisions, decisions.
Oh, and as for the color scheme change--some people felt that red on grey didn't work. Some other people felt like yellow on grey didn't work. I'll work it out, just give me the feedback, y'all!