Last night I should have been with Bill, Cameron, and Derek watching Nicole become America's Next Top Model (wtf?). Instead, I was at home watching it by myself. Why, you wonder? Well, because I'm fat. That doesn't sound like a good excuse does it?
But really, it is. See, here's the thing. I'm heavier than I have ever been in my whole life. I try to make it to the gym at least three times a week. Four or five if I'm really feeling it. The past three weeks, I have made it to the gym 3 times. On Tuesday, I went to bed at 9. Yes, really, 9pm. Both my alarm and my TV were set at 5:15(ish). I had every intention of going to the gym. My gym bag was pre-packed and I could have done it. Instead, I got up, went into the living room, turned off the TV and re-set my alarm to go off at 7. Seriously. I am fat and lazy.
So yesterday I decided to punish myself by not spending the evening with friends. Plus, I knew that if I did, I wouldn't make it to the gym today.
So I sat at home, lonely, sad, and fat.
The good news is, I did make it to the gym this morning. The bad news is, I had a crappy workout and I'm still fat.
I guess the moral of the story is, if you have plans to hang with me or something and I cancel, its because I'm fat.
Here's a picture to prove it. I'm the short, fat, bald one.
Me & the boys watching ANTM

Now in completely unrelated news.
Brandon HillockVeronica Mars last night was a little sub-par with the main storyline. It was too, "12 Angry Men" (the ep. title is actually, "1 Angry Veronica" and the trajectory of the trial was too easy to spot. The B storyline was much better, with Keith fingering the tape nabber. And that Deputy Sacks (Brandon Hillock) sure is hot! I'm hoping that Keith can somehow manage to find the finances to hire him on at Mars Investigations. Meg's death and Wallace's reappearance in the last five minutes of the show were pretty lame.
The highlight of the show, however, came in the form of "
Edge of the Ocean" [video] by my all-time fave band Ivy. A good chunk of the song was played, and they always make me nostalgic and wistful and romantic.

J. Lo and Sandra Bullock are probably out as
Wonder Woman (thank God)!! [article, tons o' pop ups]

Brandon RouthSpeaking of superheroes, Bryan Singer may use the casting couch--er, spa. Must be tough, getting the likes of Brandon Routh (aka the new Superman). [

Kerri ChandlerAnd holy shit, you guys! Kerri Chandler's in town tomorrow night! Unfortunately, he's playing
Trinity, but I need a good reason to go out and dance--this just might be it. If you'll recall, I kind of bagged on his latest NRK track, "Bar A Thym". Well, it turns out that its on Carl Craig's Fabric features it and not only does it work well, its totally a stand out, tone setter. My bad! My ears don't always function properly.


Charles said...

Nice to see you're a fan of Veronica as well! I agree that this week's episode was a little less than stellar (but still miles above most other shows...). I can't believe you think Deputy Sacks is hot when we finally got our eyes on a shirtless and sweaty Sheriff Lamb! Rawr. I wouldn't mind shearing that wool, if you know what I mean.

I just got the DVD of Mysterious Skin in the mail this week. I thought it was mesmerizing.

jeremy said...

like most things in my life, i came late to vm, but i'm glad i found it. it has taken the torch from buffy. who would have thought that enrico colantoni would be good in a show?