7 and counting

Only 7 eps. of Arrested D left. At least law students are petitioning to keep it on the air! (article) And if they don't succeed, maybe these guys will. Even people in Iowa are sad.
David CrossIn slightly related news, David Cross is directing a
Black Keys video. (article)

Remember how I said that Bryan Singer likes to jump on his stars? Well, apparently, some of them have junk so big, the studio might have to digitally make it smaller. I wish I had that problem!! (

Norman Mailer, then Madeleine Albright . . . now Christiane Amanpour? Amy Sherman-Palladino talks Gilmore Girls. (article)

Woody Allen's Match Point
Have you heard about
this movie with Jonathan Rhys-Meyers and Scarlett Johansson? It was filmed in England, and its an erotic-thriller. And its Woody Allen? (article)

Why do UK fans of
Serenity get extra-special bonus features? What makes them more obsessive than me? (article)

And for you Sarah Jessica Parker fans, here's a
nice little piece of PR--er, I mean, an in-depth expose on the lady. And another piece about how she and Matthew don't spend a lot of time together. (article) Speaking of SJP, I'd like to give a shout out to Matt over at chip-chat for taking the time to answer my question, "Which television show has been most influential in the world of fashion?"

Now I'm going to direct you to
Rich's take on Brokeback Mountain. As always, his take is insightful, intellectual, and analytical. But, because no thesis works without an antithesis (according to Hegel), I offer this article. As soon as this film opens in our little town, I'll offer a synthesis.

And last, but not least, one final shoutout to Charles over at
Kinemapoetics for posting (at my request) an Andrew quote this week.

Hope your Monday is going well!!!


Adam said...

haha David Cross is so funny. I love watching the reruns of Mr. Show.

I saw the preview for that movie with Meyers and Johanssen and I was like WTF Woody Allen?! I cannot tell you how intrigued I am by that.

Charles said...

I'm totally in love with Andrew, so it's never a chore to toss one of his lines into the mix. :)

Bewareoftheblog said...

I saw "Match Point" tonight. It's AMAZING. Prepare yourself for something you could not possibly expect from Woody Allen. It's a shocker.

This may be his best film. Definately the darkest I've seen in ages.

Matt S. said...

I live in Iowa Jeremey, and we are ALL really sad about Arrested Development being cancelled, I really want to cry with each passing episode, because I know we are closer to the end.

Hey Brandon Routh is from my hometown, I am planning on stalking his house around Christmas time, I let you know about his package!