World AIDS Day

Please go to the Bristol-Myers Squibb web site and light a candle. For each candle lit, they will donate a dollar (up to $100,000) to AIDS research. I don't think I know anyone who has not been affected by this epidemic. Please take the time to reflect on the progress we've made and how much farther we have to go to eradicate this disease.
Please don't fool yourself into believing that we have already won this battle.
If you don't believe me, check these out.
Article about Russian children whose parents have AIDS. [article]
A man struggles to "come out" as a person with AIDS. [blog]
The story of a man whose brother died from the disease. [blog]
Information from a heath worker dedicated to the fight. [blog]
Another prevention worker's take on epidemic. [blog]
Ok. Now away from the somber subject matter.
Let's talk about Veronica Mars. Did you guys watch it last night? Cordie and Willow together again. It was a delight. And UPN's trying to feel out who their viewers really are by posting an alternate ending to last night's ep. on AOL. [here] Personally, I voted for the ending where Veronica is framed for smothernig Meg, although the other ending was much more believable.

Ghostly has some free MP3's up--including my boy
Matthew Dear (in the Audion guise). [
Oh, and you know how I've been calling myself a nerd and a dork for reading Feast of Crows? Well, the Cincinnati Enquirer thinks I'm 'in the know' or 'hip' or something. Check it.

It's a fantasy series for hip, smart people, even those who don't read fantasy.

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