King-sized boredom

Went to a sneak of King Kong yesterday w/ Matt. Here's what I can say about King Kong.
King Kong is a movie. King Kong is three hours long. King Kong was the best movie I saw yesterday.
Ok, so that's a little harsh, but sort of deserving. Three hours for that? Adrien Brody's nose is, I think, bigger than the ape. There were a couple fun parts, but overall it was way, way too long.

Ok. That's all I've got for today.
Oh, Thursday is the Waterwheel Lounge for my series on Ballard dive-bars. We'll probably meet there around 8, so come if you're so inclined.


Matt S. said...

Is it weird that I totally find Adrien Brody so amazingly hot? He would seriously be in my top 5 celebs "to do" list.

Although I will not see this movie, it looks like total garbage.

jeremy said...

yes, matt, it is weird. there was this scene where all of these bugs are crawling out of caves and holes and i thought for sure that they were going to start coming out of his hugely gigantic enormity. (and i ain't talkin' package)

k said...

is that the place i always pass when i go to wild mountain? i can't believe you are headed there! can't wait for the report.

Adam said...

Damnit I wanted to go see it and now I've read this. Nothing is worse than unmet expectation.

jeremy said...

k - yes it is that place. it looks creepy, and i hear its like a double wide w/ liquor. can't wait.
adam - king kong isn't that bad. it was just a little long for my liking--and if you're gonna see it, see it in the theaters for sure, its all spectacle with a little bitty heart.