Its news to me

"Without a single polemical speech, this laconic film dramatizes homosexuality
as an inherent and immutable identity, rather than some aberrant and elective
'agenda' concocted by conspiratorial 'elites' in Chelsea, the Castro and South
Beach, as anti-gay proselytizers would have it. Ennis and Jack long for a life
together, not for what gay baiters pejoratively label a 'lifestyle.'"
- Frank
Rich on "Brokeback Mountain" in his Dec. 18, 2005 New York Times column

I swear I'll see it soon.

"When I see someone who won't see a physician because they're Jewish, or who
can't sit in a restaurant because there are Asians, or feels threatened by
homosexuals in the workplace, the party line in mental health says, 'This is not
our problem.' If it's not our problem, whose problem is it?"
- California
psychologist Edward Dunbar, who believes pathological bias should be an official
psychiatric diagnosis, as quoted by the Washington Post, Dec. 10, 2005.

For real, when we gonna start treatin' the haters instead of the hated?
Check this shizz! Consensual group sex is cool in Canada! Now I can marry a dude who's a hustler that smokes dope, and we can get it on with tons of other people. I <3>
A Department of Defense bill is slated to hit Congress this week. Word is, it will pass. This bill prevents cities (such as Seattle) who have anti-gay legislation from barring groups (such as the Boy Scouts) who don't allow gays to use city facilities. While I hate to use the term slippery slope, I tend to side with Barney Frank that this will probably make it harder for local governments to enforce laws barring discrimination based on sexual orientation. [article]
Its about time someone took this self-hating closeted dyke to court. She better lose her job. [article]
Did you know that Bush-y is monitoring gay groups as well? I love the conservative agenda--everything different from us is un-patriotic and non-American. Eat. My. Balls. [article] Well, I guess it should come as no surprise since the government tried to turn the enemy gay. [article]
And for today's David Lynch fix--Go out and purchase the new DVD edition of Dead Poet's Society. There's a featurette w/ David talking about deceased sound designer Alan Splet. The two collaborated on many films including Dune and Blue Velvet. If you're a freak of a cineaste, like myself, then you'll know how important sound design is to a film. Alan Splet was one of the best technical craftsman in the field. He died in 1995 of cancer.
And in a reality-meets-Jeremy's-TV-Fantasy-life moment: Could Rory be expelled from Yale for making terrorist threats? You make the call. [article]
And finally, since I still haven't gotten your damn Xmas miX, I would like to direct you first to FourFour for Rich's Gospel house take on the holiday. (Every once in a while I like to hear the gospel house.)
And secondly, here are some tracks that the nice kids at Ghostly are giving out for the holiday.
All right, guess that's it for now!!
Ok, I lied. I don't know if you know about Bleep, but they distribute some great tunes from some great labels (like Warp, Def Jux, and Detroit Underground). Anyway, if you register with them, they'll occasionally throw you a freebie. I just got a mailing from them and I guess they're throwing stuff into everyone's cart after the New Year. Plus, they let you stream entire albums which is pretty amazing.

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