Arresting Developments

While I fear keeping anyone abreast of anything, I feel it my duty to relay Arrested D news to my few readers.
First of all, did you catch Monday's show? I did, after King Kong, and I've gotta tell ya that a half hour in front of the box is better than three hours in front of the silver screen. Did you like the "podcasting" joke? Well--there might be more to it. [
Hollywood Reporter says that Showtime may buy the show. [
The show's still not cancelled and Fox is actually pushing it.
Here's what that could mean.

Sexy Short Dude Seth GreenAnd a reader has added to the Sexy Short Dudes list. The new inductee is Seth Green. Best known (to me) for playing Oz on Buffy. Best known (to normal people) as Dr. Evil's son in the Austin Powers movies. Coming in at a reported 5'4" Seth is the newest Sexy Short Dude. Click on the Flickr badge in the Sidebar to see the collection.
Here's a little piece on "For Your Consideration," the new Christopher Guest film. Apparently Rachael Harris and Parker Posey play actresses who are playing lesbians. Sounds riotous.
Oh, and speaking of Daily Show contributor Rachael Harris, did you guys hear that some kid that worked for The Daily Show killed himself and that's why Monday's show was cancelled? 'Tis the Season. [article]
Um, what else . . . oh yeah, Colin Farrell checked into drug rehab (pussy!) which may cause a delay in the new Todd Haynes movie about Bob Dylan. [article]
Speaking of Mr. Haynes, he's executive producing a feature that will premiere at Sundance this year entitled, "Old Joy." [article]


Adam said...

I know Seth Green as the child manisfestation of the narrator in Woody Allen's Radio Days. I love that movie!

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