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erudite guy
I awoke this morning with sore thighs, sore arms, and the knowledge that I had a great workout. It started at Rebar. At least three people came up to me to ask why I wasn't dancing. They were all feelin' it. At 12:30, I just wasn't. By 1:00 I was feelin' it too (even though there were quite a few train wrecks.) The track selection was pretty decent. All the usuals were there.
At first, I thought I wouldn't really like the smoking ban, but it turns out, its not so bad. Here's what I like about the smoking ban--talking to boys with whom I would otherwise never talk. It creates this sort of micro-social structure. So I met Sam late last night. He came back to my place. We played Uno.
No, but seriously, here's my thing--I don't hook up with guys very often at all. When I do, I feel huge amounts of guilt. Not at the time, obviously (although sometimes I do channel a little just to last longer), but after the part where I'm all, "Here's a towel. Clean yourself up if you wanna sleep on my couch." (You do realize that's a joke, right?) When I realize that this person who knows me in a way that only like a hundred other people know me (you realize that's a joke, too, right?), probably won't be back in my bed. Its the part that's after that makes me melancholic. So Sam slipped out (ahem) around 4 this morning. I was awake when he left. We didn't kiss goodnight--or good morning--or whatever. I'll probably see him around.
It just feels like I'm waiting. This is how I bide my time until I find that guy--that funny, intelligent, dorky, sappy, erudite, guy.

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