Target audience

Target AudienceI was gonna make a post about shonen ai/yaoi and draw comparisons from it to Brokeback based on the perception that both of their target audiences are women, but I'm feeling lazy.
Tennille's in town from NYC and we've got a weekend of partying ahead of us.
Anyway, maybe I'll include some shonen ai history when I get around to the queer film canon thing.
If your interest is piqued, here's some links:
Why Are Japanese Girls’ Comics full of Boys Bonking?
Queer Japanese Film
Queer Asian Cinema: Shadows in the Shade

Ok. That should get you started. There's also a video called
FAKE which is an example of yaoi. Not the greatest animation and the story's a little iffy, but interesting as a cultural artifact, nonetheless.

For today, this is all I've got:
Cool site w/ a free MP3 download.
Swayzak's new album to release in March.
And some pretty cool news--the
DJ Kicks Series from Studio K7 is releasing an album of all of the exclusive tracks that are on that series. Carl Craig, Tiga, Kid Loco, Playgroup and more. Bomb, yo.

Lame ass Gilmore Girls spoilers

Someone in Ohio thinks the "Ocean Walker" episode of Arrested Development was the best of any sitcom all year. [

My little town is trying to get some film production going here by setting up a film fund--we'll see how that pans out. [

And that's all I got, y'all. Have a lovely holiday weekend and I PROMISE I'll have that mix up by Tuesday.

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