Seattle's own Jacob London

Jacob LondonI had planned on having a new mix up for you today, but I've spent a few days w/ it and there's problems aplenty. Mainly, one track is monumentally on the wrong mix, and secondarily, there are some train wrecks that should really be fixed.
So, for now I'm directing you to two mixes from hometown heroes, Jacob London. [web site] Jacob London is actually 2 people, Bob Hanson & Dave Pezzner. They've released records on some of the most respected labels including Classic, and appeared on Mark Farina's Live at Om mix album.
I've had a chance to catch them multiple times, and they've always played a great set. Their vibe walks the border between tech-ish fun and west coast house. Both of these mixes are no different. My favorite release of theirs is called 'Slom Time' and it will appear on the mix I post (shooting for Friday).
So, until I untangle the mess of a mix I made, enjoy Bob and Dave.

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