LA Weekly's full of thieves!

Full of ThievesRemember how I said I was gonna do a post about Brokeback and shonen ai / yaoi? Well, because I am a lazy sack of shit, some bonehead over at the LA Weekly beat me to it. Not only that, but then they list off a half dozen or so films that I was planning on including in the canon of queer cinema. That's ok, this will only give me the impetus to write something more in-depth, more intelligent, and, well, sassier. While we're on topic, just thought I'd let you know how the whole queer cinema thing is coming. Here's an XML link so you can feed that in your aggregator to see what I'll be using for reference. I swear I won't be too academic, though! I'm shooting for Friday the 6th for the first official entry.

Now on to my style of news.

An interview w/ Joss Whedon
here. Plus, he says that even though he has closure w/ the whole Firefly / Serenity thing, he's not, as EW claims, done with the franchise. [article]

Sherilyn Fenn (Audrey Horne, yippie!!) guests on Gilmore Girls as the mother of the worst plot line in the show's history. [article]

Finally, someone calls out the massive abuses to the English language perpetrated by television. Its nice to know that some people are crazy like me. Does anyone else find it sexy when people avoid ending sentences in prepositions? [

David Lynch does an on-line animated series. [

And for the business/film/internet minded, a good
article on AtomShockwave.

Risa and I went to see
The Family Stone last night. When the movie ended and Risa asked me what I thought, my response was, "It was as dumb as shit." It couldn't decide on a tone. It was totally creepy the way the two brothers both went for the sisters. Everything gets all wrapped up nicely and I expected a voice over to say, "That was the Christmas that changed our lives." Whoever directed it should never get his hands on a film again. The story wasn't so bad, it was just so poorly handled. Plus, with all the expository dialogue, you never really got to know the characters. They relied too heavily on the actors playing to type. God, that movie sucked. King Kong was better.

Deuces, y'all. I'm out

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