Ludicrously tragic. Like when a clown dies.

My future boy-slut, click for larger imageJohn Waters on the proliferation of branding and swag gifting to high-profile stars at Sundance: "These corporate people treat celebrities like Katrina victims." (Sundance recap)
God bless you, John Waters.

Dude, even the New Yorker likes Battlestar Gallactica. (

Graphic novel breakdown:
Following the relatively successful Ghost World, Terry Zwigoff and Daniel Clowes are at it again with
Art School Confidential.
As I'm sure you heard, there will be a sequel to
Sin City. (Its a shame the first sucked so bad.)
Also, the Wachoski Bros. are taking on V for Vendetta--well, they're writing at least. One of their A.D.'s from Matrix II and III is making his debut. Starring Hugo Weaving (wtf?) as V and Natalie Portman as Evey. (
Also, Sam Raimi is producing the adaptation of
Priest to be directed by the dude that did Amityville redux. Its a vampire western, if you're not familiar. (Cover art)

I am very happy that graphic novels are finally being culled for translation into film. Comic artists and writers are generally overlooked because there is a belief that their work is sub-standard, pulpy, or brainless. Even though I disliked Sin City, there is no denying the revelation of its aesthetic. With films like American Splendor and Ghost World paving the way, maybe someday we'll see an architecturally rousing rendition of
Jimmy Corrigan.

And, just for fun, a picture of the world's cutest borther/sister act:

Amy and David, as cute as can be


Adam said...

I love the gems that john waters give us.

Jamie Babmer is the god of my idolotry.

I love the picture of the Sedari.

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